Enerkom North Macedonia

Chalkida, Greece – Helicon Industrial is pleased to announce that, effective July 1st, they have countersigned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Enerkom Solar Group of Skopje North Macedonia, aiming to work together and offer industry-focused solutions, specialty industrial services, Asset Integrity Management and Technology Transfer to the Oil and Gas as well as to the Green Energy sectors in North Macedonia. With this MoU the two Parties expressed their willingness to enhance cooperation and join their common efforts in advancing the application of their services and creation of a larger impact on common projects in the North Macedonian Energy Market

“For Helicon Industrial, this agreement is a means to help grow our client base and the geographic reach of our company. This will help us continue to do more great work, for more great companies, with more great people. I want to thank Enerkom’s General Directors Nebojsa Cvetanovski and Blagojce Koteski, former Executive Director at National Energy Resources of North Macedonia and good friend for their cooperation. More upcoming agreements with great partners are to be announced by Helicon Industrial in the coming weeks that will provide us with greater-than-ever access to services and support” says Managing Director Sotirios Nikas.

“Building bridges move humanity forward

The signing of the MoU between our two companies is primarily building a bridge of friendship and partnership between people, companies, countries, and the region. Each period has its own challenge. Today’s generation of energy workers has the opportunity to develop and put the foundation for growth, in for us a new sector in energy, gasification, and production of electricity from renewable energy sources. The Republic of North Macedonia has the modest experience and few experts who have serious knowledge in these sectors. And the task before us is especially important, as for the growth of the economy, providing a cleaner environment and of course adapting the energy sector to the requirements of modern life in the 21st century.

The cooperation with Helicon Industrial gives an opportunity to build bridges that in our country will provide above all, knowhow and easier and above all professional relationship in this particularly important industrial sector.

Our North Macedonian infrastructure will allow us to build on the strong foundation laid down by the Helicon Industrial team to deliver greater services to our clients.

Working together with Helicon Industrial is a very exciting next chapter in the Enerkom Solar Group story,

And the longest journey begins with the first step.

Let’s walk together on the bridges we are building.” says General Manager Blagojce Koteski

“Joining our forces with the Helicon Industrial team is a perfect fit and an important piece for our team” says General Manager Nebojsa Cvetanovski