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Industrial projects with certain complexity requiring a combination of specialized services should not faze any company. In broad terms, it entails acquiring the right information about scope of work, identifying customer expectations and detailed planning/costing to result in a successful execution.  Helicon Industrial does exactly that, employing a holistic approach and taking full ownership of planning, implementation and overall success. 

Our mission is to equip the existing and developing energy sector in southeastern Europe with technologically advanced services, tools, processes, human capital and knowledge that enable and empower companies to operate safely, efficiently and profitably. 

Industry Focused Solutions

Specialty Industrial Services

We offer integrated and stand-alone plant  services, focusing on delivering solutions to technically complex and challenging projects. Whether it is a critical path activity within your overall shutdown/turnaround scope of work or just a maintenance project to sustain production, our team can come up with the right execution approach. Bringing a broad skill set, industry-accepted specialty chemistry, technologically advanced equipment and safe work practices we plan and perform Vapor Phase Unit Decontamination, Chemical Cleaning, Non Manned Entry Tank Cleaning, On-site waste minimization and hydrocarbon recovery. 

Training and Learning

As the energy sector in the Balkans grows and additional components of infrastructure take place, there is an ever increasing need for Operations & Maintenance core competency assurance. We fill that space by administering learning programs covering all facets of professional and vocational training requirements.  Curriculum is tailored to each organization, transferring knowledge utilizing hands-on, classroom and virtual learning techniques.

Asset Integrity Management

Meeting regulatory requirements is a prerequisite and we help operators achieve compliance. Pipelines, vessels, heat transfer and fired equipment require cleaning, inspection and mechanical repairs to maintain them in good condition and prevent incidents, both onshore and offshore. Runtimes for process, cooling, storing and product transfer equipment is often being stretched beyond operational life expectancy. We muster resources and specialized services to perform Pigging/Decoking, LDAR/Leak Seal, smart pigging and an array of services that aim to restore peace of mind when it comes to managing industrial asset life cycles. 


Recruitment, selection and retention of specialized personnel and trades in the energy sector are not easy tasks. Lean on the experts that tap into a global talent pool to search for your ideal candidate. We listen and develop a comprehensive understanding of client needs, delivering necessary staffing resources for any project and for organic positions. Taking pride to our database network, we access and vet qualified individuals that can contribute to your success.

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